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Compassionate And Experienced Representation For Child Support

Divorces can be difficult and extremely lengthy. It can be hard to keep sight of what is truly important when emotions run high. During these times, you want to be sure that the child support you establish is fair and meets the needs of your children.

Here at the Law Offices of Stephen J. Kleeman, we know how critical fair child support can be for the well-being of children. Parents use it to help cover the cost of living, school needs and medical costs, to name a few. Whether you are the parent with the majority of custody or not, we can help you make sure that the child support you create for your children serves their best interest.

What We Can Do For You

One of the biggest mistakes someone can do during their divorce proceedings is to choose to not have an attorney experienced in family law matters. Even if your spouse says that you two do not need one, you are only putting yourself at risk by going through this alone. This is especially true when it comes to child support. Without experienced legal representation by your side, you stand to regret your costly decision for nearly 20 years.

We can also help you account for the total cost of your child support. There are many factors that are involved with the final value of child support. Without an attorney, you risk having figures that do not match the needs of your children. If you believe that the child support that you already have is unfair or you need to protect it, we can help with enforcing or modifying child support as well.

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We know how stressful these cases can be, especially when you feel alone through all of it. Here, you will always work with a family law attorney you can trust, rather than be swept aside with a paralegal. We take the time to truly understand your case, so we can best protect your best interest.

Contact us at our Towson office to speak with a Maryland lawyer you can trust to care for you. Call 410-494-1220 or send us this email communication to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your options to protect yourself during your child support process.